This service package has a quite demanding title – it seems to be of benefit primarily from the perspective of the holder of IP rights, especially with the aim of selling one’s own legal positions or entire projects as soon as possible in a lucrative manner. Within the CASH package, maximization of profits as quickly as possible is top priority, for example within the framework of an already established licensing agreement, or, for example, through sale; strategic orientation of any advice provided in the CASH package tends to consider the market. This service package can also be of interest if your company wants to (has to) get rid of a project in short-time. For example, in the case of a patent which is used as a blocking IP right without serving the corresponding market, the purpose of the contract may merely be to sell the patent ownership.

Good knowledge of the industry should already be available here or must be acquired step by step. If necessary, knowledge of the most potential project partner must also be acquired. Profit maximization can also be a major concern or interest of a licensee. In this respect, advice by the PROLICE is also provided, for example, with regard to the level of license fees and the legal possibilities of a licensee with regard to economic optimization. Since this service package may also include questions regarding actual use (encroachment on the scope of protection) and/or the enforcement of IP rights, this service package may also be combined with the LEX service package.

Expenses: e.g. between 1,000 and 4,000 €, in particular due to the industry knowledge to be acquired; time frame of at least two quarters