Are you looking for a larger network of cooperation partners, or are you looking for licensees for the first time, or would you like to become a licensee? You may also wish to have the PROLICE participate in your legal position, for example with regard to joint exploitation? In the JOIN service package, consulting is focused on an optimized approach in order to find new project partners, and also on an optimized use of your intellectual property rights by third parties. Your own company does not necessarily have to be/remain the main actor, but your company does not want to give up the option of continuing to shape and lead that project (on trend, non-exclusive licensing). In the JOIN service package, marketing aspects can also be considered, especially with regard to cooperation partners who can facilitate the marketing of the protected/licensed product or service. In particular, within the JOIN service package, strategies regarding the ownership of IP rights and the degree of legal involvement and co-determination of third parties (keyword: sublicensing) are also developed by the PROLICE.

Expenses: for example between 300 and 1.500 €.