This service package focuses on legal aspects, for example on questions regarding the legal status of a licensed IP right, or regarding the dependence of the subject matter of the contract on the legal status of the IP right, or regarding the degree of coverage of the licensed subject matter by the IP right (depth of licensing, scope of protection). In particular, this service package includes an optimization/protection of legal aspects of your cooperation, for example also in a more recent project phase, in which an IP right may not yet be legally registered (e.g. patent grant only in a few months or years later than application date). The LEX service package is also aimed at younger, smaller companies interested in non-exclusive licenses, in order to obtain a high degree of legal security and freedom of action with regard to particularly innovative, but equally (patent) infringement risky technologies, especially at the lowest possible cost (so-called freedom to operate licenses or FTO licenses).

The PROLICE itself does not offer any legal advice. Consultancy services in this service package are therefore based on outsourced services, among other things, and are therefore provided in cooperation with law firms or with lawyers or patent attorneys who are liable independently of the PROLICE. In particular, the LEX service package also includes a legal assessment of the respective IP right (in particular patent, trademarks, design) by a patent attorney, and/or an appraisal (at least monitoring) of any activities/actions of licensees or competitors.

Expenses: for example between 1,000 and 5,000 €.