On this sub-page, current exploitation projects supervised by the PROLICE are presented, which are also offered for licensing and/or complete sale. Please contact the PROLICE if you are interested in a cooperation in context of one of these projects.

Most recent project:
Steinbach Alpin – Damping and FreeFlex Technology for skis according to EP-Patents EP 3 126 019 B1 and EP 3 126 020 B1 of Steinbach Alpin Company, each granted for about 15 European countries

In order to avoid redundancy, to find out actual details of each of these current exploitation projects, please refer to the German sub-page in German language first; there, you may find more actual references which will provide for linking to each of involved IP rights resp. to registry excerpts; the PROLICE may provide further documentation in English, if desired; please contact the PROLICE.