Within this service package, all eyes are directed towards the most lucrative way of exploitation of your intellectual property (IP) or towards the most lucrative/cost-efficient use of IP of third parties, if necessary also comprising a timely sale of property rights, but rather with a tendency to maintain one’s own legal position and to use IP rights or have them used at least for a medium-term period. Nevertheless, foresighted analyses can already be made with regard to the sale of IP rights. In this respect, this service package can also include, for example, patent or trademark valuation as part of an accounting, especially in accordance with DIN standards, especially depending on a current constellation with several licensees and their sales, i.e. based on already available market data. The EARN service package also focuses on constellations in which the holder of rights himself/herself does not act in the market at all, but only exploits his/her own legal position (especially in analogy to franchise concepts), at least for some of the IP rights of a portfolio, e.g. for certain countries. Tax aspects may also be of prime importance (keyword: internal company licensing, internal group licenses).

This service package can also be useful from a licensee’s point of view, for example based on the question of whether a specific license fee can/should be claimed (amount).

Expenses: for example between 300 and 3,000 €.