Based on the keyword “Grow”, issues referring to the growth of your company and/or the territorial or economic expansion of your field of activity are dealt with primarily from the perspective of the holder of rights, for example, also the question of when you should apply for (or may still apply for) protective IP rights in which countries. This service package is aimed at companies that have already entered the market or that are already established on the market, or that have at least initiated the market launch of the resp. product or service, and who hope to achieve further optimization by expanding their activities. This service package may correlate with the LEX service package, if applicable. In this service package, medium to long-term plans are also discussed and, for example, an application strategy for a patent or trademark portfolio is developed, which, for example, is intended to secure further development and territorial expansion in the future (at least 10-20 years). Depending on your company’s industry, this service package may also include a marketing/sales aspect, which the PROLICE can also advise on, if desired.

Expenses: for example between 500 and 2,500 €.